A fall princess..

By: Adrienne Dennis

I'm not sure we could have picked a better day to go for a walk on a leaf-covered trail.  An October evening, warm enough to go sleeveless? Just magical...

Such a calm little fall princess. She sat there while we situated all the gorgeous layers of her skirt... taking in all the details of the woods... the critters in the trees and the colors on the path. She was totally present in our beautiful fall forrest...watching the nature all around her. I loved her gentle heart. 

About half way through the session she let us know that she really just wanted to play hide and seek. We knew we had to wrap it up quick -- priorities, people! 

Wanted to leave a few here to share. Enjoy.. and remember to get outside and soak up that full sunshine anytime it peeks through! 

Location: Oshtemo Park

Dress: BellaBeanCouture