Behind the scenes and self timers

By: Adrienne Dennis

This whole Salt and Light Collective journey has been spectacular for me so far. I've seen God's hand in so many of the details along the way, and the anticipation of what's ahead is exciting.

This space we share isn't just a photography studio by any means.  It's place for creatives to do their thing. It's a place where we get to share resources and ideas, a place we get to invite vendors into, a place to learn and teach, and (obviously) a warm place to shoot littles during the cold winter months. It's place where our tribe of small-business lovers can bloom. It's a space for opportunity, and I am so, so thankful that God put it on my heart to go out on a limb (a long, crazy limb) to open a space like this.

Salt preserves, and so do photos. Light shines, and that's what we get to be when we open our doors to all kinds of people. People who want to be photographed, people who want to learn something new, people who need a space to show off their pretty things or sell their creations, people who need a place to work, and sometimes people who just need to come hang out with a community of filler-uppers (we definitely have a few of them).

 Earlier this month we held our first Art Hop. We used our self timer skills to get a group shot of some of our "after party VIP-ers."  I'm pretty bummed we didn't do this sooner before a handful of them left. But, you get the picture, I think. It's a group shot of some of our seriously "we've got your back, go after it, number one fan" kind of homies. The team has had so much support to get us going, and I appreciate that so much.

Now, we are working on transforming a few corners of the space for our indoor Christmas sessions. A couple sweet models came in so we could test things out. We are hoping to pack these sessions in during the first couple of weeks in December. The sets are so darn cute, and the chance to meet a bunch of new people (and get to spread some holiday cheer to current clients) gives us energizing momentum to head into year end.

If you'd like to chat about collaborating on something, using the space, or just want to come in for coffee sometime let me know

Our Salt and Light Collective Christmas party is Friday, December 2nd. Come see us! Live Christmas music, a mountain of LLR leggings for sale, and snacks? What more do you need for a night out? We party in the studio, of course... over in the Park Trades Center Suite 320, from 5-9pm.

I'll wrap up this heartfelt blog post with a sincere Thank You (in my warmest thank you blog voice) to my close group of friends and family who has cheered me on from the very beginning. You're the best, and all the reason I needed to stop blocking out that gentle whisper from God telling me to go for it. It was scary to take the leap, but you were all right; it's going to work out beautifully.

Soak up these last few days of sunshine, my friends. I'm ready for winter to set it. Are you?