By: Adrienne Dennis

I love hour long, talk with the adults, play with the kids, full family sessions. But, when it's freezing (literally) and snow is flying, and it's such a busy time of the year (pretty sure all of last weekend's clients were stopping for photos ON THEIR WAY to a family function), and there's a list a mile long of clients who are hoping to get photos back in time to make cards and gifts, we just have to do the short and sweet, sit and pose kind of sessions.

We packed the studio full of families and kids, love and giggles all weekend long. Some families braved the snow and cold and stepped outside for a few while others were quite content exploring the hallways of the beautiful Park Trades Center we shoot in.

My heart is thankful that I have a space to shoot all winter. And I'm excited that the space worked great for so much traffic. The possibilities of all the creative ways we can use this space this winter are endless! I'm looking forward to everything that will go down here over the next couple months. But, tonight, I'm thrilled to say that these mini session clients will all have their images back in time to make a pretty gorgeous card. Leaving a handful here to peek at... in case you're feeling like staring at other family's photos tonight ;-) 

Thanks to all my Christmas session clients. It was great to see so many return, and FUN meeting so many new faces!

Cheers to wrapping things up for 2016. The end is near.