Home Sweet Home

By Adrienne Dennis

Gone are the days of sitting and posing. I've been over that for a while now. Yes, I hope to snag a few sweet little family photos - with everyone looking my direction, eyes open, zippers up, etc - but for the most part, I'm shooting what the session "feels" like... not how it looks.

Sounds cheesy, right? 

Won't it be fun to look back at pictures and see real life? Don't get me wrong.. I admire fine portrait photographers. Their attention to detail and their skill blows my mind. That type of thing just isn't my strength. I'd rather not fight with your kids, or make you fight with them. Just let them be and I'll chase them around... and you'll end up with a collection of real life photos that tell a story of what season you're in. 

I met this beautiful family a couple weeks ago at their in-home casual newborn session. Their outfit choices were perfect, the setting was gorgeous. But.. it was HOT, and sticky... and there were bugs. I knew fairly early it would be tough to convince the kids that sitting and posing was fun (because it wasn't). So, we just went with it. 

This family has that kind of calming, bring out the best in you kinda vibe. Loved my time with them. All the giggles and real smiles made for a series of full-of-love photos. Congrats to the family on the newest little peanut.

Here are a few of them just doing their thing.. home sweet home!

Enjoy the weekend!