It's winter.

Well, after a summer on the go, we have finally settled into a new home. And, we have settled into a new studio. I invited this beautiful mommy in for a little creative play date.  My family and friends had spent the past couple weeks building backdrops and putting new floors in and now it was time to put all that to work. I was excited to get the camera out and learn how to move and groove in our new space.

We only played for 20 minutes or so, but the magical photos you get from simple, hanging out with mom moments are to die for. Since my oldest is in middle school now ...and I can barely remember all the sweet details I wish I would have taken more photos of... I treasure each chance I get to document playful moments for moms. Everyone tells you "it goes so fast..."   Yes, I'm aware of that more than ever now. It's of of my missions... to get more moms in photos!!

Dearest mommies, you'll love looking back on photos. And you know what else? Our kids will love seeing this love some day.  

Cheers to kicking off winter studio sessions with two sweet girls and lots of natural light.