Reveal... and squeal... and burst with happy tears!

By: Adrienne Dennis


Being able to wear short sleeves,  in a sun-filled field, in February wasn't something we could have planned for, but we will take it. When the snow first melts, the Michigan landscape isn't really at it's peak gorgeousness, although the golden ground and the muted trees were a perfect backdrop for a vibrant gender reveal.

This family is my family. These are my people. Our schedules don't always match up, and our seasons aren't always the same. We have different ideas, but similar goals, and we never get to go on enough double dates with them. Never ever.

There's pressure at weddings, and nerves at events, but I've never had to remind myself to breath as much as I did during this shoot. "Please God... let the pictures turn out because I know I'm going to cry and I won't be able to see..."  

Let me share a few from their big moment. Total shock, real smiles, and happy tears.