Home Sweet Home

To me, there are no pictures more beautiful than in home lifestyle sessions. Whether there's a new baby at home, a couple cozy by the fire, or a family doing their thing, I like to spy from the corner of their home, camera in hand. A collection of images that capture real life - right where you are - are the photos we will someday look back on and feel so many emotions.

This past weekend I peered into the life of one of our Salt and Light Collective photographers. Her family has very recently moved into this new home, and while hustlin' her photography business, being mom and wifey, AND making time for family and friends, she's been busy working on getting their new home set up and settled into.

I didn't stay long. Just long enough to grab some photos to celebrate this new home milestone.. and more importantly, to snag pictures that will help them fully remember this season of life when they look back on them later. Coffee, Valentine-making, and a quick trip out to the polar windy front yard was the perfect combo for the short and sweet session. Go pour yourself another cup of coffee and enjoy a few of my favorites.

Congrats on the new place Marissa, and of course I can't wait to watch all the memories be made there.