So, What is Salt and Light Collective?

By: Adrienne Dennis


     A few months ago I took a plunge into expanding my photography business. I knew God was telling me to “GO!”  He wanted to use me for something sort of terrifying. After weeks of telling him no and clinging to every reason why that was a terrible idea, I finally shut up, said YES, and got out of His way. You see, I fall somewhere in the middle between “planner” and “risk-taker.” I’d say I lean more towards “dive in and figure it out as I go.” But, even when I do that, I still have a clear idea of what my end goal is. Mostly because I MADE THE GOAL!

Right now, for the first time in my life, I (quite literally) have no idea what I’m doing, where I’m going, exactly what God is up to. I have explained this new journey like this; “I feel like I’m blind-folded, and God stuck out His hand, and said, "C’mon... I want to show you something really amazing.. but you have to trust me.”

And I did. And now I’m here, holding on to Him for dear life... often sitting in complete awe of what God has done these last few months. I find myself dancing between three different types of thoughts most days.

1- FEAR. That He’s going to let go. That I’m going to screw this up. That He’s going to ask me to do another “something that requires a sort of radical faith.” That I may have accidentally intercepted this mission, and it was meant for someone else... someone far more qualified than myself. Occasionally, a random fear that someone is going think I’m weird or crazy sneaks in there. But, I’m just about over those types fears... yes, I’m fully aware that what I am doing is crazy and weird.

2 - HUMBLENESS. God is so, so big and although I feel like this whole voyage began a few months ago when I said YES, I learn more and more every day how He has had His hand in all of this for a long, long time. He’s been setting this in motion and it reminds me how small we are. I’ve also become so aware of my need for Him. My gosh, sometimes it hurts. That longing to be filled and recharged and to gain strength from Him. I’ve looked so many other places for that  throughout my life. Let me tell you; only God makes us whole, and if that statement (that last one right there, about how only God makes us whole) doesn’t make sense to you, or you want me to share my experience I WILL. It hurts, and I’ll most likely ugly-cry, but I can do that now. I can share.

3 - PURE EXCITEMENT. Watching God work in people around me is exciting. Watching them be surprised when God drops little love bombs along their path is exciting. Watching walls, BIG ugly walls be torn down and watching women strip away the lies they’ve believed... watching them step out when God whispers to them, squashing their fears and silencing their critics.. THAT IS EXCITING. My excitement is fueled by the essence of knowing that an army is rising. Right now it’s an army of women who are doing small things that make HUGE impacts. They’re bold and they’re relentless. They speak life into the dead areas of each other‘s lives, and love on one another. And every time we make a conscious (and often terrifying) decision to let Him USE us..... to JUST SAY YES... to not second-guess ourselves... to stop friggin’ trying to plan everything be obedient and to shut up and get out of God’s way.. SOMETHING TRULY MIRACULOUS happens, and this army grows.

God has made it very clear that this isn’t about my business, about photography or about growing my client list. This is about reminding women that He’s there. He’s waiting. He wants to USE you. You are a vessel and you CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE what He can do through you if you just say Yes. Trust me, I’m still learning this every day.

So now, I’m here, in this Salt and Light Collective workspace that God told me to go get, trying my best to find words that not only shine a light on what is going on over here, but also doing my best to keep from (joyfully) screaming at the top of my lungs to everyone I meet (because that isn’t always socially acceptable) about how God is kinda blowin’ things up over in suite #320.

So, I’ll begin to wrap this up with two things.

One, a recap of above to help it sink in. Two, what Salt and Light Collective is. I figure I should probably get that part in here because that is the title of the blog post, after all.  

Will you do me a favor? When you go carve out time this week (OR RIGHT NOW!!!) to just listen to God, and He whispers to you, and you find yourself scared or second-guessing yourself, will you just please say “okay, God.” I know it can be terrifying. But just GO. He’s got you.   DO YOU HEAR ME? ...HE's GOT YOU!

xo -Adrienne