My morning with Megan

By: Adrienne Dennis

Megan and I met up over the weekend to chat about next month's Art Hop. She'll be our featured Salt and Lighter, unveiling her newest collection. We sat down at the beautiful waterstreet coffee joint. A spicy burrito was on the menu for me and she enjoyed a bowl of <wait for it...> chicken salad. You know someone is pregnant when they're wanting chicken salad at 8:30 in the morning.

I wanted to know where her new collection was coming from, what inspired it, and get a peek at some of the things she's come up with. I had a list of questions to ask and checklist for the meeting. But, I threw that list out the window when our conversation began. I knew the details for her first official show would fall into place on their own and this time with her was more about two creative girls who just needed some time together. And through the free-flowing conversation all my questions were answered anyway.

Photos of her beautiful family peek out from her Bible as she talks about things she's walked through these past few years. Hard mom moments, family health scares, battles of the mind, and places darkness has tried to attack.  So many times where God proved HIS strength in times of human weakness.  And how strong she is to go through so many scary things and be smiling while telling the stories - giving the glory to God.

This scripture-inspired collection she's working on is about a new season that's approaching. A season of growth and newness and freshness. A closer walk with God. Simplicity and excitement. And it's going to be so good. So, so good.

It's fun to watch friends on their journey with God. The excitement of the unknown mixed with the longing to know more. The anticipation of what's to come mixed with the stillness we know we need. 

We packed up all our crap (I make a mess everywhere I go) and decided to take our conversation elsewhere. What better place to embrace and kick off this new season than in a place of all kinds of new growth? I followed her around as she soaked up the smells and touches of fresh dirt and baby greens. 

I'm so thankful for Megan. Not just for the artistic skills she she brings to our Salt and Light tribe, but the gentle spirit she adds to our crazy bunch. So calming and soft. The quiet strength she shows in the gritty situations she's walked through is actually anything but quiet. She's bold and fierce ...truly a warrior with so many victories already. 


Friday, April 7th, from 5- 9pm is Art Hop in the Park Trades Center. Megan will have her new collection on display. Not only can you see her latest work, but she will have cash and carry items so you can take a piece of her journey with you.

I'd love to share sneak peeks of the collection, but I just can't do that yet. You'll have to come see them in person. It will be fun. Come show her some love and maybe bring her some chicken salad. Apparently it's sort of her thing right now.