Our Director of Holistic Happiness

By: Adrienne Dennis

The first time I talked with Susan was a little over a year ago. My son was in the hospital with MRSA in his lungs and he was not getting better. I had spent weeks in the hospital watching my 3 year old have all kinds of procedures and meds pushed. I hadn't left his side and hadn't slept much at all. If you've ever been through anything like this you know you sort of lose your mind. You're out of your element, scared to death, and sleep deprivation is pretty much the worst. I was scared and desperate and the message she sent to me on a cold March morning was like a breath of fresh air. Her message was simple. She just asked if I had a diffuser. She said she'd bring one up to me for the room if I didn't. She said it might help us sleep better.

It was something new. Something different we hadn't tried. Something fresh and most of all, an act of love from a stranger. 

You see, when people are passionate about something, it's more than a business to them. It's not about money or climbing a ladder of promotions. Helping people heal and learn to take care of themselves from the inside out is what fuels Susan; it's what fulfills her. She's got an unquenchable desire to bring life and joy - physically and emotionally - to everyone she meets.

Fast forward a year and that stranger is now a friend. We didn't connect officially until a couple months ago when she was looking for a place to hold health coaching classes. She welcomed me into her house last month to chat about upcoming events and workshops. There is something amazing about people who look into the heart of other humans and want... and LONG.... for them to be whole. She yearns for people to know what it's like to feel their best.  

She made us a smoothie while her beautiful daughter stole a few berries. We talked about our seasons of life. The busyness and wonderfulness. We talked about things that were ending and about all the newness spring and summer brings. We talked of her fascination of how emotions effect our gut health and the absorbtion of nutrients!!! (She lost me there a bit... but it is very fascinating.) 

Over the next few months Susan will be pouring into friends, family, and community by holding classes and workshops. I'm so excited for her first one. "Beautiful Make & Take; chemical-free pampering" will launch her Summer workshop series. It can be overwhelming when you know you need to do something different, but don't know where to start. She's making it so dang easy. You just pick the products, prepay, then show up for a fun girl's night to learn how to make them yourself. You can see more info and sign up by clicking HERE

Friends, if you are passionate about something, go after it. God designed you a very certain way, and very certain things speak to your heart. Whatever those things are, go after them because He wants to use you. And He will equip you with whatever you need to make it happen. Use your gifts and talents and GO BE SALT AND LIGHT!